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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

integrated Electronic Health Record Increment 1

  • Investment Description

    integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) is approved to provide seamless integrated sharing of electronic health data between the DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Commensurate with the OSD AT&L Acquisition Decision Memoranda (ADM), dateintegrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) is approved to provide seamless integrated sharing of electronic health data between the DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Commensurate with the OSD AT&L Acquisition Decision Memoranda (ADM), dated July 21, 2013 and January 2, 2014, the former joint DoD and VA iEHR program has been restructured within the DoD to pursue two separate but related healthcare information technology efforts, the DoD Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) program and a redefined iEHR program. These programs report through the PEO DoD Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS) to the USD (AT&L). The redefined iEHR program will be called the Defense Medical Information Exchange (DMIX) and will encompass health data sharing and interoperability across the lifecycle to include data sharing/interoperability with the VA, private healthcare providers and patients. The iEHR Increment 1 initiative will complete delivery of its defined requirements in FY2014 and transition into sustainment beginning in FY2015 under the Defense Health Agency Health Information Technology organization. The DMIX program will acquire the capabilities necessary to securely and reliably exchange standardized, normalized, and correlated health data with all partners through standard data / information exchange mechanisms. This will allow users in different places and different organizations to access, use, and supplement health data (technical interoperability) that has a shared meaning so users (assisted by computers) are able to make care decisions (Semantic Interoperability - Level 4). DMIX will consist of Data Federation (DF), Access Management, Service Oriented Architecture / Enterprise Service Bus (SOA/ESB) capabilities, and leverage Identity Management capabilities provided by DMDC. In addition, VLER Health, to include Exchange and Direct, will continue to be part of the DMIX program. Use of the health data may be done via legacy systems, clinical mobile applications and system agnostic viewers such as the Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV).Stakeholders include Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), Defense Health Agency (DHA) Military Health Systems (MHS), USD (AT&L), PEO DHMS, DoD/VA Interagency Program Office (IPO), and Department of Veterans Affairs. Customers include the MHS and VA clinicians and the DoD beneficiar. More..

  • FY2014 (CY) Spending

    $95.92 M

    Time frame of Investment

    2011 - 2026

  • Status

    No change in status

CIO Information

Teresa M. Takai

Agency Head

Chuck Hagel





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Project Summary

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Project Name Project Life Cycle Costs Cost Variance Schedule Variance
FY13 iEHR Prime Mission Product$136.26 MGreenGreen
Defense Medical Information Exchange (DMIX)$123.03 MGreenGreen
iEHR Prime Mission Product$108.67 MGreenGreen
FY13 iEHR Program Management$36.69 MGreenGreen
FY13 iEHR System Engineering$30.11 MGreenGreen
iEHR Program Management$29.6 MGreenGreen
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Way Ahead is a proposed Major Automated Information System program. Joint DoD/VA project. AoA decision pending. This project is for Initial Planning activities.$21.93 MGreenGreen
iEHR System Engineering$17.91 MGreenGreen
Infrastructure for EHRWA (Initial Support)$12.65 MGreenGreen
FY13 iEHR System Test and Evaluation$11.02 MGreenGreen
iEHR Operational/Site Activation$10.93 MGreenGreen
Interagency Program Office (IPO)$10.2 MGreenGreen
FY13 iEHR Operational/Site Activation$8.85 MGreenGreen
iEHR System Test and Evaluation$8.45 MGreenGreen
FY13 Operations and Sustainment$6.64 MGreenGreen
Operations and Sustainment$3.41 MGreenGreen
Infrastructure for EHRWA (Follow on Support)$2.95 MGreenGreen

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